5 free tools for freelance web developers

Our recommended free tools to help freelance web developers

Becoming a freelancer can be very rewarding with more flexible working hours, greater variation on projects and the potential to earn more money. Becoming a freelancer however involves taking on a much wider job role with areas such as project management, financing, and marketing to consider. Fortunately there's plenty of tools out there to help, and here's five of our top recommendations...

5 free tools for freelance web developers


It seemed for a long while that every piece of project management software was getting more and more bloated, drowning the user in gantt charts, time logging and dated methodologies. Then along came Basecamp. Sometimes, you just want a simple way to log your tasks, collaborate with your team and get an easy overview of where your projects are - Basecamp ticks all those boxes and is free to use for one project.



Another tool based on simplicity. Trello is basically sticky notes on steroids. Create projects, tasks and check lists on an easy drag-and-drop interface and collaborate with other team members. Trello features a range of helpful tools such as colour coding tasks, history tracking and deadlines without overcomplicating a simple piece of project management software. Highly recommended.



Managing several different social media accounts can become a time-consuming process, especially if it's part of a serious marketing strategy. Hootsuite allows you to manage all your accounts in one place, and schedule when to push out messages to different platforms. Great time-saver.



Sending and managing email campaigns can be time consuming and costly. Mailchimp takes away a lot of the pain by providing easy integration with your site for newsletter campaigns, and a tidy interface for using and creating mailshot templates. The site features a range of useful statistics for measuring the success of campaigns, which you can receive in intermittent email summaries. Mailchimp is free to use until you reach their subscriber limit.



Part of being a freelancer will be to demonstrate work you've done in the past to potential clients. Slideshare is an engaging way to present your work.


Coveloping Membership Tools

At Coveloping we've designed our own range of business tools to helper freelancers, contractors and small businesses. All within our low cost monthly subscription you can get access to:

PDF Proposal Generator

Create professional PDF proposals of work to send to your clients. Include quotes tables and a range of different page types.

Hourly Rate Calculator

Use our handy online tool to step through your salary expectations, lifestyle, expenses and profit to calculate your hourly rate.

PDF Invoice Generator

Easily create and customise PDF invoices that you can send to your clients. We have a range of professional, editable templates to save you time.

PDF Quote Generator

Easily create and customise short and simple PDF quotes that you can send to your clients. Editable templates available to save you time.

Pricing Tables

Generate pricing tables for your web site without writing any code using our generator.

Project Quote Calculator

Enter the tasks and sub-tasks that make up your project and allocate some time against each one. Use the template for common web development tasks to help you out. Calculate the summary and use the details to populate a PDF quote.

Project Time Tracker

Track your time by clocking on and off then allocating time to projects and tasks. Convert tracked time and tasks into an invoice to bill your clients.

David Bainbridge

Coveloping co-founder and regular contributor to the Coveloping blog. David is a contract web developer based in Bristol, UK also posting code snippets and tutorials on the Code Synthesis blog.

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