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Introducing our converter tools...

Our converter range is designed to minify code or do conversion calculations. Need to minify your javascript or CSS? Check out the CSS or JS minifiers with a full range of minifying options. Need to convert an image to Base64? HEX to RGB? We've got a selection of tools to help you out.

With membership you also get full access to our other range of generators, testers, WordPress and Business tools. See what's available in the Converter range below.

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Aspect Ratio Calculator

Use the aspect ratio calculator to work out your widths and heights for common formats like HD video 16:9.

CSS Minifier

Improve the performance of the websites by reducing the size of your CSS files with this CSS minifier tool.

Email Obscurer

Protect your email address from spam bots by using this online obscurer tool to encode your email address into ASCII characters.

HEX To RGB Converter

This easy to use tool allows you to convert HEX colours to RGB values and also allows you to convert RGB colours into HEX values.

Image To Base64 Converter

Convert a full image into base64 encoding. Simply upload an image from your computer and click to generate the base64 encoded image.

JavaScript Minifier

Reduce size of the Javascript file speeds up page loading times. with this JS minifier tool.

Unix Timestamp Converter

Unix Timestamp Tool helps convert unix timestamps to dates and dates to unix timestamps.

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