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THANKS to all our members who have supported Coveloping development over the past two years - just in time for 2016 we're launching some big changes, read on to find out more...

What's new?

New Design

We've given Coveloping a new look with a cleaner design that makes the tools even easier to use. Our tools now feature a heading menu for quick access to templates, community templates, to save and generate code, or to add the tool to your favourites.

New Members' Area

The members' area has been upgraded making it easier to manage your account and templates.

Members Only Tools

In order to invest more time into new features and tools, Coveloping is now only available to members. Find out more about the price and what this means for existing members below.


We're keeping our membership at the low price of $5 a month, this gives you full access to the tools, templates and saving features. You can still try out Coveloping free for one month without any contract.

See whats available to our members.


Existing Member?

If you're an existing member you'll automatically be transferred over to our new membership on your existing fee - the only difference now is that you will need to log in to access the tools.

What's next?

More tools!

Throughout 2016 we'll be launching a new range of tools all available under the existing membership of $5. Members can make tool requests if there's something you'd like to see on Coveloping soon.

More Articles!

We'll have a stronger focus on our blog articles this year with a range of tips and tutorials as well as articles that will help you to get the most out of Coveloping tools.

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