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The Coveloping Twitter stream WordPress plugin allows you to easily add your own Twitter stream anywhere on your website.

You can do this using either a WordPress widget or a WordPress Shortcode. Having these two methods of adding the Twitter Stream means you can use the WordPress widget to add the stream in the sidebar or use the shortcode to add the Twitter Stream in the content area of your WordPress site. [coveloping_twitter_stream username="coveloping" amount="5" show_time="1" autolink_urls="1" autolink_replies="1" display_follow_button="1" twitter_style="box"][/coveloping_twitter_stream]

When you add the Twitter stream to your website there are a number of options that you can use to customise the stream.

  • Username
  • Amount of tweets to display
  • Display time of tweet
  • Autolink any URLs
  • Autolink profiles of any replies
  • Display a follow button at the top of the stream
  • Choose a style to display the twitter stream

Setup Plugin

Once this plugin is installed you need to setup it up with the Twitter API in order to return your tweets correctly.

To start using the new API you need to be authenticated, which means Twitter needs to have certain information about your application and how it is going to be used so that it will provide you with access keys to use the API.

To get the access keys you need to create an application on the Twitter Developer site.

Twitter Developer Site

Once your application is created Twitter will generate your Oauth settings and your access tokens to your new application. You will need to use this data when connecting to the Twitter Oauth to query the Twitter API.

You will need to use these tokens in the settings for the Twitter stream plugin.

Navigate to Settings -> Coveloping Twitter Stream and enter the access token information for the API. When this information is entered correctly the plugin will have access to retrieve your tweets.


There are two ways this plugin allows you to display your Twitter stream on your site, the most common place to put your Twitter stream is in the sidebar of your website. With WordPress you can easily do this using Widgets, therefore this plugin creates a new WordPress Widget so you can display the twitter stream in the sidebar.

Navigate to Appearance -> Widgets and you will see a new Widget called Coveloping Twitter Stream Widget, drag this Widget into the sidebar that you want it to appear in.

A settings panel will appear for this widget to enter the information it needs to display the stream.


Enter in the username of the Twitter stream you want to display, enter the amount of tweets you want to display in the stream.

There are checkbox options to decide if you want to display the time of the tweet, this will show a human readable time of when this tweet was posted. If you are tweeting links then the plugin can automatically place a link around the URL to click through directly from your website. If you are replying to users then this plugin allows you to autolink the profile so visitors can navigate to who you are talking to.

Finally there is an option to display the Twitter follow button to make it easy for your visitors to follow you directly from your website.


If you want to display the Twitter stream inside the content area of your site then you can do so using a shortcode. This plugin comes with a shortcode called coveloping_twitter_stream the options available on the shortcode are:

  • username - The twitter profile you want to display
  • amount - Amount of tweets to display
  • show_time - Display time of tweet
  • autolink_urls - Autolink any URLs
  • autolink_replies - Autolink profiles of any replies
  • display_follow_button - Display a follow button at the top of the stream
  • twitter_style - You have the choice of three themes box, dark or light

Add these options to shortcode with attributes will display the Twitter Stream in the content area.

[ coveloping_twitter_stream username="coveloping" amount="5" show_time="1" autolink_urls="1" autolink_replies="1" display_follow_button="1" twitter_style="box" ][/ coveloping_twitter_stream ]

Styling The Twitter Stream

The Twitter stream comes with three default styles, boxed, dark or light themed.

Boxed Twitter Stream


Light Twitter Stream


Dark Twitter Stream


If you don't want to use any of the styling then you can use your own styles by editing the CSS, just choose to have the twitter stream to have no style and use the following CSS classes to style the stream.

The stream is contained in a CSS class of coveloping-twitter-stream-container using this in your CSS will allow you to change the look of the stream to anything you want.

  // style the container

.coveloping-twitter-stream-container ul
  // style the tweet list

.coveloping-twitter-stream-container ul li
  // style the tweets

.coveloping-twitter-stream-container ul li a
  // style the links in your tweets

Download this plugin and display your Twitter stream to your visitors.


Installing Twitter Plugin

As this plugin isn't in the WordPress repository you need to install it manually into your site. There are two ways you can do this you can either upload the plugin from the WordPress dashboard or by using an FTP client.

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

1. Navigate to the 'Add New' in the plugins dashboard 2. Navigate to the 'Upload' area 3. Select `` from your computer 4. Click 'Install Now' 5. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Using FTP

1. Download 2. Extract the coveloping-twitter-stream directory to your computer 3. Upload the coveloping-twitter-stream directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory 4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard
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