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Introducing our testing tools...

Our testing tool range is designed to help you trial web development technologies and features. Want to see what results different jQuery easing settings will produce? Try out the jQuery Easing Tester. Need a colour picker to build up and save a colour palette? Check out the colour picker. Find out what themes different WordPress sites have, test if your web service WSDL is valid, try out different Google web fonts or test your Open Graph tags - we have lots of useful tools to help you out.

If there's a testing tool you'd like to see added to this range we take requests via the members dashboard. See what's currently available below.

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Colour Picker

Preview colours and view Hex and RGB codes. Create and save colour palettes.

CSS Cursor Tester

Test all CSS cursor property values.

CSS nth-child Tester

Quick way of testing the CSS nth-child selector. With odd, even, 2n+1, 3n+1, 4n+1.

Google Web Font Tester

Use this tool to test over 650 fonts hosted on Google Web Fonts. Type in example text to see what it will look like in your selected font.

jQuery Easing Animation Tester

Test the jQuery easing animsation options with this online tool.

Open Graph Tag Tester

Open Graph tag tester, will see if your web pages have the correct open graph tags. The Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph.

Responsive Layouts

Check how responsive your site is by previewing it common layouts for phones and tablets using this easy online tool.

What Theme

Seen a nice looking WordPress site and want to know what theme they're using? Find What WordPress Theme A Site Is UsingModify your meta description by editing it right here

WSDL Validator

Check that your SOAP WSDL is of a valid format with this WSDL validator.

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