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CSS animations were added at the start of CSS3 which allows you to transition from one CSS style to another. To use a CSS animation you will have to start styling the element and a number of keyframes to define the transition from start to end of the animation.

Before CSS animation was available, the way you would make an element change styling would be to use JavaScript to change an element's styling properties in a certain order.

The advantages of using CSS animation over JavaScript driven animations is that they run smoother than JavaScript, which commonly skipped keyframes. Browser rendering engines are built to work better with CSS animation. They are also easier to develop as all coding of the animation is done in CSS and you just select which properties to change at certain keyframes.

Using the CSS animation generator to try out the following range of CSS animations including

  • Bounce
  • Bounce In
  • Bounce In Up
  • Bounce In Down
  • Bounce In Left
  • Bounce In Right
  • Bounce Out
  • Bounce Out Up
  • Bounce Out Down
  • Bounce Out Left
  • Bounce Out Right
  • Fade In
  • Fade In Up
  • Fade In Down
  • Fade In Left
  • Fade In Right
  • Fade In Up Big
  • Fade In Down Big
  • Fade In Left Big
  • Fade In Right Big
  • Fade Out
  • Fade Out Up
  • Fade Out Down
  • Fade Out Left
  • Fade Out Right
  • Fade Out Up Big
  • Fade Out Down Big
  • Fade Out Left Big
  • Fade Out Right Big
  • Flash
  • Flip
  • Flip In X
  • Flip Out X
  • Flip In Y
  • Flip Out Y
  • Hinge
  • Light Speed In
  • Light Speed Out
  • Pulse
  • Rotate In
  • Rotate In Up Left
  • Rotate In Down Left
  • Rotate In Up Right
  • Rotate In Down Right
  • Rotate Out
  • Rotate Out Up Left
  • Rotate Out Down Left
  • Rotate Out Up Right
  • Rotate Out Down Right
  • Roll In
  • Roll Out
  • Shake
  • Swing
  • Tada
  • Wiggle
  • Wobble

You can also use the different easing options; ease, ease-in, ease-out, ease-in-out and linear. Duration and if the animation should run infinitely can also be set.

Once you're happy with the animation, which you can try out using the live preview, you can then generate all the HTML and CSS required.

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