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The CSS cursor property allows you to define how you want the cursor to look when it is hovering over a certain element.

You can choose either to have a custom image as the cursor on the website or you can choose from a number of different default cursors that come with the browser.

Each one of the cursors allow you to show different behaviour and how you should interact with the element. For example if you want to show that the element is clickable you will use the pointer cursor.

cursor: pointer;

Or if you want to show that the element is a moveable object then you need to use the move property value.

cursor: move;

There are over 35 default cursor property values each can be very useful depending on what you want to show the element can do.

Coveloping have built a CSS cursor tool that allows you to hover over a box for each of the cursor property values and see how these properties change the cursor on your website.


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