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The Google web font library is a directory of free to use fonts that you can easily use on your website. This is filled with over 650 fonts that are all free to use, all you have to do is include the Javascript file to load the font and add one line in your CSS file, which makes it very quick and easy to try out the font on your website.

But because there are so many fonts to choose from it can be hard to find a font that will suit your website. With this Google web font tester tool you can easily try all the web fonts that Google has by simply selecting them from a dropdown.

This tools has all 650+ fonts sorted by popularity, all you have to do is select a font from the dropdown and the tool will automatically change the on screen text to this new font. You can change the text in the textarea to test the fonts with any text that you need.

Switch to the HTML & CSS tab to get the javascript file and the CSS property that you need to add this font to your website.

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