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There are a number of reasons why minifying your Javascript files helps your website:

  • Reduce size of the Javascript file speeds up page loading times.
  • Reduce your website bandwidth consumption
  • Comments and whitespace are not needed by your JavaScript files to run. Removing them will speed up any script execution time.

To use the JS Minifier Tool paste your entire Javascript in the textarea and click Minify, the tool will remove all comments, whitespace and line breaks from your code and display this to you on the page. You then can simply copy the code into your website and use your JavaScript as normal.

When you have your website in a production environment it's best to minify your external assets such as JavaScript and CSS. Not only does this increase the performance of the loading time on your site it will also keep your JavaScript code safe. If you want to decrease the loading times further you can combine multiple file together which reduces the amount of assets the page needs.

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