PDF CV Generator

Generate your own downloadable PDF CV's. We offer a range of templates to save you some time, which you can customise to fit your preferred style. Take a look at what you can create using the CV Generator:
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Live preview to edit the CV content
  • Downloadable PDF generated
  • Save your templates
  • Access to existing templates
PDF CV Generator

Using the tool

Choose a template

Start by choosing a template, or if you'd prefer you can start with a basic black and white version by clicking to 'use a blank template'.

Edit the content

The tool provides a live preview, which portrays the end PDF generation as accurately as possible, though note as the preview is responsive, and due to the conversion of HTML and CSS to PDF there will be small differences in the end output.

To change the content of the CV, simply click the area you wish to change to activate live editing. For larger areas you will have a full editor to work with. You can add additional jobs or schools by using the buttons under the 'Career' and 'Education' tabs.

Structure and layout

In the structure and layout settings tab you can choose which sections you want to show, so for example if you don't want to show either the job title, or skills section you can easily hide these.

Under structure and layout you can also define the overall margin and padding for your CV and set the background and separator colours.

Text & Headings

Under text and headings you can set the font, size, line height and colour of the headings and sub headings.



The profile section refers to the heading block at the top of your CV. You can set the background colour, font styling and margin of this area.

Career & Education

Under these sections you can add or remove additional jobs or schools to your CV. Once added simply click the new areas to edit them.

Save and Generate your CV

Finally, click on the 'Save' link in the tool bar to save your CV. You can then click the 'Generate PDF' link to load your generated PDF into a new window. You should find there are in-line options to download the CV (these will vary with your browser).

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