Freelance Project Quote Generator

Use the Freelance Project Quote Generator Tool to easily generate downloadable PDF quotes that you can send to your clients. Customise the look and feel of your quotes to match your branding with an array of styling options, or just use one of our predefined templates to save you time.
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Downloadable PDF generation
  • Live editable preview
  • Access to templates
  • Save your own templates
Freelance Project Quote Generator

If you often need to produce quotes for your clients, but aren't signed up with some big accounting software, then the PDF Quote Generator is just for you. Create quotes with a live preview where you can modify the content, layout and styling, then generate it into a PDF for downloading. We offer some pre-set templates to save you some time, and you can also save your own templates so you can come back and use them again later.

The PDF Quote Generator marked the first of a range of business tools designed to assist developers with the business side of web development.

Using the Freelance Project Quote Generator

Choose a template

The tool features preset templates provided by Coveloping, you'll also have access to any community templates that are created to widen your choice of layouts and styling. Any of these templates can be customised to fit your own needs and then re-saved. An additional area for your company logo allows you to drop in an image from a URL.

Update the content

To modify the content simply click the text you would like to change in the live preview area, and you will see it converts to either a single line text input or a text area. In the text areas you can press enter to create line breaks between the content. Click out of the box or on another piece of text to confirm the change.


Update the Quote

Update the quote the same as you would the content, you can also add or remove lines under the 'Quote Table' tab. Styling options allow you to choose if the rows are underlined, or if you would prefer to have an outline of all the cells that make up the table. You can also adjust border types, thickness, colours and padding. The table will attempt to auto calculate the end of row value, subtotal and total fields. Tax is not auto-calculated but will be added to the total.

Edit the styling

All the styling options are available in the left hand menu, you can change:

  • Structure: Choose which sections will display
  • Header Styling: Change the fonts and padding of the heading elements
  • Section Headings: Change the fonts and padding of the headings used in the main content
  • Layout Styling: Change the spacing and padding of the overall template
  • Footer Styling: Change the fonts and padding
  • Quote Table: Add or remove rows from the quote and update the styling
  • Logo: Provide a url to an image to use for your logo displayed in the top left of the quote

Live Preview

Our Freelance Project Quote Generator tool provides a live preview where you can directly modify the content. You can also adjust the layout and styling of your quote before generating the PDF output file to fit in with your branding. We offer some example templates to get you started, and you can also save any new or modified templates you create if you want to come back and use them again later.

Generate the PDF

Once you're happy with the live preview layout, styling and content, the project quote will be generated onto a new page. From here you can use the built in controls to print or download the PDF to your local machine.

Use the 'Generate PDF' option in the tool menu, from this screen you can save your template and click to generate the PDF, which will be displayed on screen.


Use the project quote calculator to map our all your project tasks and costs, then use this data to auto-populate a quote.

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