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The plugin readme generator has a simple form which when you fill out all the information about your plugin it will generate in the correct format the plugin readme text where you can simply paste this into your readme.txt file.

This plugin readme.txt file should include the same plugin comments you need when you first create your plugin.

=== Test Plugin ===
Contributors: Author 1, Author 2
Donate link:
Tags: wp, plugin
Requires at least: 4.4
Tested up to: 4.4
Stable tag: 1
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:

The above text is what you will add to the first plugin file for WordPress to get the title and description for the plugin.

The other information you can add to the readme.txt will be helpful information to the end user for them to understand how the plugin works with things like:

  • Description
  • Installation information
  • FAQs
  • Screenshots
  • Changelog
  • Upgrade notice


Within the form you can change the plugin definition text for:

  • Plugin name
  • Contributors
  • Donate Link
  • Tags
  • Requires
  • License

The next section allows you add text for both the short description and the long description. The short description is to be used to give a quick reference on what the plugin is whereas the long description will go into more detail on how the plugin should be used, why it should be used and what benefits you get from using this plugin.

The user of the plugin needs to understand how to install your plugin onto WordPress there are a few ways you can install a plugin in WordPress so you need to make sure this includes all the ways you can do it. Some of the default ways of installing a plugin include

  • Install directly from
  • Upload plugin into the plugin directory using FTP
  • Upload the plugin from the WordPress admin area

There is an FAQ section where you can enter all the of the common questions and answers you get on your plugin. This can help the users of your plugin with simple question they might have with getting started with your plugin.

If you want to show images that can provide help with using the plugin then you can use screenshot section to list a number of images in this section to help your users use your plugin.

When ever you make changes or upgrades to your plugin it's good practice to show the users what's changed in the readme file that's why there is a section in the plugin readme generator to show what's changed.

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