Pricing Table Generator

Pricing tables are a great way to showcase your different product features and options in way that's easy to digest for your visitors. The pricing table generator takes the hassle out of writing the code and allows you to focus on the design and content. We have a range of templates you can use to save some time, all editable in a live preview. The key features of the tool are listed below.
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Full HTML & CSS code generation
  • Live preview
  • Save your code
  • Access to templates
Pricing Table Generator

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Pricing Table Generator Features

Below outlines some of the key features available within the tool, you can read more on how to use it and some suggestions for choosing your content in the Coveloping blog.


Live Preview

A live preview is available where you can directly edit the content including titles, pricing and buttons. Within the edit interface you can also define the number of rows and columns you would like in your pricing table. The styling such as heights, widths, colours, fonts and much more can all be adjusted in the settings section, and this will automatically update the live preview.



Our pricing table generator comes with a set of predefined templates that you to use as is, or to as a starting point to customise to the styling of your brand. If there's a particular style you would like to see added to the templates, don't hesitate to make a request in the members area.


Code Generation & Saving

Generate full HTML and CSS, which you can drop into your site. You can save your pricing tables if you want to come back and edit them again later. We've have several articles in the blog section to guide you through adding the code into common platforms such as SquareSpace and WordPress.

Choosing the content

Key Features

The main objective should be to help your visitors choose the best package for their needs. What are the most important features of your products that a customer would base their decision on? Try to be concise but include all the key information - if you overload your visitors with too much to think about, they may be overwhelmed and decide to come back later or not at all. Highlight the important information

It's common to see really long pricing tables showing all the similar features between packages - what's more useful to your visitors is what is different between the packages, so try to focus on this in your rows. You can always add additional information that 'all packages also come with...' separately. Equally, make the most important information more prominent, the price for example is key to anyone looking to purchase your product so make sure this is clearly emphasised over other information. Font colour, background colour and font size are all options on the coveloping generator that can help to make important information stand out.

Create a path to follow

Once your visitors have chosen a package to go with, make sure the next steps make it really easy for them to follow through to purchasing, don't lose your potential customer once they've made a decision. The coveloper pricing table generator allows you to add HTML into the fields, so you can easily drop in a button or link into the 'action' column.

Feature a package

If one of your packages is more popular than others, and is suited to the majority of your customers, make a feature of it by highlighting it over your other options - this can make it easier for visitors to make a decision.

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