Project Quote Calculator

Make working out how much to charge for your next project easier with the project quote calculator. Simply enter your project tasks and sub-tasks, allocate the required time against each, and then allow the calculator to summarise the cost based on your hourly rate and working hours per day. Not sure what your hourly rate should be? Check out the hourly rate calculator, also available in the business range.
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Template list for common Web development tasks
  • Convert task summary into PDF quote
  • Save¬†your quotes
Project Quote Calculator

Accurate project quotes

When quoting for projects it's easy to miss the hidden tasks that don't occur to you until you actually have to do them. Make your quotes more accurate by mapping out the tasks and sub-tasks with this handy tool. A template of tasks is provided for common web development tasks to get you started, or you can start from scratch. Save your projects and come back to them any time. For more accurate time tracking - check out the project time tracker.

Hourly rate and hours per day

The cost of the project is auto calculated based on your hourly rate and the number of hours you intend to work per day. If you're not sure what your hourly rate should be, take a look at our hourly rate calculator that will guide you through the calculations.

Convert to Quote PDF

The project quote calculator integrates with the PDF quote generator - you can use the top level tasks from any of your projects to populate a PDF quote to send to your clients.

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