Project Time Tracker

When you're jumping around on projects throughout the week, keeping tabs on the exact amount of time can be a bit laborious. Without proper time tracking though you can find yourself estimating rather than knowing the amount of time spent when it comes round to billing your client. Our latest tool is a very simple project time tracker to allow you to clock on and off and allocate time to projects and tasks. Read on to find out about the extra features.
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Clock on / off to track your time
  • Summary of projects
  • Break projects down into tasks
  • Convert tasks into invoice
Project Time Tracker

Using the tool

This short article will give you a quick run through of how to use the project time tracker, see screenshot of project page and example PDF output for an invoice below:

Clock on and off!

With our project time tracker you can simply click the 'CLOCK ON' button to start logging your time. Once you've clocked on, you don't have to stay on the web site, you can come come back whenever you like and the time tracker will continue to count the passing time. Once you've finished working on a particular piece of work, simply click 'CLOCK OFF', and the elapsed time will be shown in time logging form. You can then choose a project and task to allocate the time to.


Time tracking is divided by projects. All your projects will be shown on the main page for the tool in the order you added them. The project name field is editable, the time field is a non-editable summary of the time spent on the project tasks. If you make any changes to the project names, click the save button when you're finished.


Click the 'Tasks' button for any of the projects to load the tasks page. You can add as many tasks as you like and either manually allocate time to tasks completed or use the clock on / off system. Click the save button if you have changed any of the task names, times or if you have deleted any tasks to commit your changes.

Invoice Generation

Once you've finished working on a project, you can click through to the 'Tasks' page and then click to generate a PDF from the tasks and time spent. Simply enter your hourly rate so that an amount can be put against the time and click the button to load the PDF Invoice Generator. Once this has loaded you can manually make adjustments to the invoice as necessary, summaries are auto-calculated for you.

Example PDF Invoice From Tracked Time

Start using the project time tracker!

Unfortunately the beta trial period is not available for this tool as it requires time and projects to be tracked against an account, this tool is only available to members.

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