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QR Codes are a great way to pack a lot of information into a small amount of space, making them ideal for an array of different purposes from marketing to speeding up business processes. Add all your contact details into a QR code so people can quickly add you to their contacts list, or promote your website with a website QR Code saving users time typing it in. Read more below on all the different QR code formats that can be created from simple plain text through to PayPal buy now links.

What's a QR code?

QR Codes are made up of small black squares to create a 2D scannable image, which works similar to the traditional bar code. QR is an abbreviation for 'Quick Response', as the codes can be scanned rapidly with devices such as smart phones and tablets. The codes can contain an array of different information from a web site url, to WIFI access, and the different content types can trigger actions on the devices scanning them (such as loading a web page, or connecting to the WIFI). You can read more on the specifics of what and how data is stored in a QR code in our earlier article 'What are QR codes and how you can use them'.

Create QR codes with the QR Code Generator

The Coveloping QR Code Generator allows you to create a range of different codes from web site urls to paypal buy now links. Examples of each of these are outlined below, and can be tested on your smart phone by downloading a bar scanner app; there are a number of free versions of these available for both android and iPhone.


The Coveloping QR Code Generator allows you to create the following different QR code formats:

Plain Text

Embed a plain text message, displays the message on the scanner:


Website Urls

Embed a website url, can trigger loading a webpage url:


Telephone Numbers

Embed a telephone number, can trigger a call request:


Contact Cards

Embed your full contact details in a MECARD, can trigger saving the contact:



Embed a draft SMS, can trigger editing a message to send:


GEO Location

Embed a GEO location, can trigger loading a maps app:


WIFI Access

Embed WIFI access details, can trigger connecting to WIFI:


Connect on Skype

Embed Skype contact details, can trigger connecting on Skype:



Embed Facetime contact details, can trigger connecting on Facetime:



Embed product and price information, trigger loading payment options on Paypal:


The tool features an easy-to-use interface with forms for each QR code type. Right click the QR code image to save it to your computer.

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