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What are responsive layouts?

A responsive layout is the concept of a site design that will respond to different screen sizes and therefore device platforms. The coveloper responsive layout tool allows you to preview how your site responds to common screen sizes used for mobiles and tablets simply by providing your site url.

Why is a responsive layout important?

The share of Internet access via a standard PC is steadily decreasing to be replaced by smart phones and tablets. Statistics will vary greatly from site to site but some studies have shown mobiles to make up 20% or more of site's traffic. If 20% of your traffic was coming from mobile, what experience would 1 in 5 of your visitors get? One thing is for sure, mobile and tablet usage is an upward trend and developing sites that are compatible for these devices is becoming increasingly important for businesses.

What sizes can I check?

The coveloping responsive layout tester caters for three main layout types; mobile, small tablet and standard tablet. You can view the site in both portrait and landscape versions. While there are many other screen resolutions these are the most common and catering all the way down to 320 x 480 will make your site fully responsive.

See how your site looks on different screen sizes with the responsive layout tester. Try out the following different sizes:

  • Mobile Portrait 320 x 480
  • Mobile Landscape 480 x 320
  • Small Tablet Portrait 600 x 800
  • Small Tablet Landscape 800 x 600
  • Tablet Portrait 768 x 1024
  • Tablet Landscape 1024 x 268

*Note this tool currently only works for https sites

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