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Why have a strong password?

One of the most common methods of trying to break into users' accounts is a technique known as 'brute-force, which consists of using a program to rapidly make multiple guesses at a password. With powerful machines this can be very effective at cracking short or simple passwords (e.g. a dictionary word). The best method of preventing a brute-force attack is to make your password more complex by using a long combination of numbers, difference case letters and special characters.

Tool Options

Number of passwords and length

The first two select options allow you to choose how many passwords you would like to create and the length of each password. If the password length is over 30 characters long then the passwords will be separated by double line breaks to clearly indicate where one stops and the next one starts.

Use Special Characters

If 'Use Special Characters' is checked then your password(s) will contain at least one 'special' character consisting of one of the following: $%#@

Uppercase and Numbers

These checkboxes allow you to choose to include or exclude uppercase characters and numbers from your passwords. Checking these options will guarantee there will be at least one instance of this character type in the password.

Don't use similar characters

This option is useful if want to make the passwords easily human-readable. It will exclude similar looking characters such as '1', 'l', 'o' and '0'.

Generate multiple secure random passwords at once with the secure password generator. Choose how many passwords you would like and then define the following options:

  • Password Length
  • Use special characters
  • Use upper case characters
  • Use numbers
  • Don't use similar characters

Alternatively you can base a single password on a dictionary word to make it easier to remember.

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