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With SEO being so vital to the success of your website and business it's very important that you get it right. As there's over 200 different factors that decide where your website ranks you need to focus on getting right what you can affect.

Coveloper Plus members can register up to 50 domains with Coveloping and use this tool to check the SEO of any of the pages on these domains. This will scan your page and check the SEO and alert you on the areas that need to be improved to move up in the search engine ranking, you can even preview what your website will look like in the search engine results.
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SEO Site Checker

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Some of the ranking factors included in on-page SEO like website optimization, others include off page SEO like links, social media shares etc.

Links and social media shares can take a lot of time to develop, the way to get these is to get your site noticed by creating amazing content that other people want to share. That could be in a blog post resulting in a back link to your site or on social media to their followers.

There's are changes you can make on your website today and that is the on-page SEO by making sure your pages are search engine friendly and constructed correctly.

What's Included With On-Page SEO

To understand what's included within on-page SEO you need to understand the HTML tags that tell the search engines different information about your page. These tags are mostly found in the HTML head tag with things like:

  • Title tag - The title of the page
  • Meta description - A paragraph to describe the contents of the page
  • Meta robots - Tells the search engine if they should index or follow the links on the page
  • Meta keywords - Used to tell the search engines what the main subjects are on the page
  • Canonical tag - Tell the search engine if this is similar content to another page

What information you have in the meta tags and title tag will decide what is shown on the search engine results.


Page Loading Times

Page speed is very important to SEO if your page is quick it will rank higher. This is because if a visitor opens your website and has to wait more than 3 seconds most people will simply click away from your site, therefore search engines want to provide the best experience to the user so will move quicker sites up in the ranking. There are a number of things you can do to improve the loading times of your pages, it's very important you get this down as much as possible. If you need to spend a bit more money on a quicker web hosting company it will be worth it.

Domain Redirection

Many people don't realise that there is a difference between domains with www and without www.


www is simply a sub-domain of your main domain and can be used to display whatever content you want. The majority of the time it will be used to display the same content as non-www but if you want you can have a different website on www and another on non-www.

In terms of SEO it doesn't make a difference if you have www or non-www but it does make a difference if they both show the same content. If you can navigate to and see your homepage on this URL then navigate to and you see your homepage and the same URL then search engines will see this as duplicate content.

You need to point to either www or non-www and make sure that your server will redirect from one to the other. Therefore if you go to you need to make sure that the server redirects this page to


Google has announced that they will be taking HTTPS into account as one of the ranking factors. It's not often that Google announce one of the ranking factors so you know that Google think it's important for websites to have HTTPS.

This is very different to the other factors involved as having HTTPS on your website comes at an additional cost to your hosting with the purchase of the SSL certificate. provide a very detailed report on the advantages of using HTTPS.

SEO Tips With SSL

HTML Header Structure

The HTML header tags of h1, h2, h3 tell the search engines the structure of the content so you can tell them what's the important content on the page. This is because the content in the h1's will be the titles for the following content below it.

It's important to have your HTML header structure setup correctly to help search engines get a better idea of the content on the page.

Keyword Frequency

The keyword frequency of the content on your page is used by the search engines for a few different reasons. First the more frequent a keyword is on the page it will tell the search engines the main subject of the page. This is calculated as a percentage of the keywords found in the entire content of your page for example if you have the keyword/key phrase of Web Development at 15% of the content, then you know this is a main subject of the page.

The problem with keyword frequency is working out the density of your keywords correctly, as search engines will also use this as a way of identifying if a website is trying to keyword spam the page. For example if the keyword frequency of Web Development is 80% then we know this isn't natural content and search engines will put you down in the ranking as they think you're trying to spam them.

There isn't a keyword frequency number to aim for you just need to make sure it looks natural in your content a good range for your chosen keyword to be in is the 2% - 10% frequency of your content.


The robots.txt file allows you to give instructions to search engines which tells them how to search and index your site. The file should be located at the root of your web directory.

It checks in this file to see if it's allowed to index the site if it finds something like this.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

Then it tells every bot that comes to the site to not allow the indexing of any of your pages. You can change this to disallow the robots from scanning different sections to your website such as an images folder.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /images/

This will allow the bots to scan your entire scan apart from URLs of the format /images/.


The links on your page tell the search engines bots how to crawl and scan your site. When you link to another page it allows the search engines to follow this link to the other page to scan that. If your website didn't have links then the search engines will not be able to navigate around your site to find the other pages.

But you can also tell the search engines not to follow your links by using the nofollow attribute.

<a href="" rel="nofollow">No follow link</a>

This is important to check if your links have nofollow attribute on them or you could be linking to posts on your website but accidentally have the nofollow attribute on them so search engines won't find these pages.


When you have images on the page they're great for your users and for breaking up the content, but images can't be seen by search engines they won't know what the content on the image is and if it's related to your content on the page. This is why it's important to make sure that your images have the alt attribute, this allows you to describe the images to search engines so they can include these as part of the indexing of the page.

<img src="" alt="Image of a beach" />

Coveloping SEO Checker

seo-site-checker This SEO checker tool at Coveloping will allow you to test as many webpages you want on up to 50 different domains. It will scan your webpage and check for all the section mentioned above and let you know what area of the site you need to improve on.

As part of your Coveloping membership you're allowed to monitor the site availability of up to 5 domains. The SEO checker will use these same domains and allows you to check the SEO on any of the pages within these 5 domains. For Coveloper Plus members you're able to check the SEO of up to 50 websites.

Why not try out your sites and see where you can improve the on-page SEO of your website.

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