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The toolbar was added into WordPress in version 3.1 and was called the admin bar and in WordPress version 3.3 it was renamed to Toolbar.

A specific user can choose if they want to show/hide the toolbar when browsing the site by changing a checkbox on the profile page in the admin area.


WordPress Toolbar Generator Features

The WordPress toolbar generator allows you to have full control of the toolbar by adding new links or removing default links from the toolbar.

Default Links

The default links that you get on the WordPress toolbar are:

  • WP Logo
  • About Link
  • Link
  • Documentation
  • Support Forums
  • Feedback
  • Site Name
  • View Site
  • Updates
  • Comments
  • New Content
  • User Details

The toolbar generator allows you to decide on each of these links on if you want these displayed on the toolbar. If you any of these are turned off then the tool will generate the code to remove this link from the WordPress toolbar.

Add New Links

In the code of WordPress you also have the ability to add new links to the toolbar, therefore if you have a bookmark that you want a quick link to at the top of the WordPress site then you can use the toolbar generator to create a new link on the toolbar. All you have to do fill out the form on tool and this will create all the code you need to add a new link to the toolbar.

WordPress Toolbar Generator

By default the WordPress toolbar does not allow you to change what links on it, they are just quick links decided by WordPress on what they think you will need access to.

The WordPress Toolbar Generator will create the code you need to customise the toolbar in a way you want it to behave. toolbar-generator

On the left side of the screen is the settings for the generator it's where you can setup exactly how you want to customise the toolbar.

The first settings is for the toolbar where you specify:

  • Function name
  • Text domain
  • Include toolbar entirely
  • Include toolbar just for admin users

The function name is the name you give to the function that will run the code to customise the toolbar. The text domain is for translations in your code, if it's installed on your theme. You can choose to hide the toolbar from everyone if that's something you want to turn off. If you decide that you only want the toolbar to be displayed for admin users then you can select to turn off the toolbar for anyone who aren't an admin user.

The next settings area is for you to remove any of the default WordPress links you want. You can turn off WordPress logo, documentation links, forums, view site link, update notification, comments link, new post link etc. For anyone you want to turn off just select no on the dropdown and this will be removed from the toolbar.

The next settings area is for you to add your own links to the toolbar you can add as many links as you want.

When you have finished customising the toolbar click on the code link and you can get all the code you need to change the toolbar. Simply copy and paste this into your functions.php file and the toolbar will be customised to how you want it.

Try it now.

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