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Unix timestamp is a way of defining time in seconds since Coordinated Universal Time which started January 1st 1970. It is mainly used in unix systems to represent the date of the files, the benefit of using unix timestamp over a date time is that it's not timezone specific. You don't need to worry about the timezone you just know that this represents a date/time.

This is why unix timestamp is a great way for storing dates in a database for when a row has been modified or when a file has changed.

But they are not human readable times, if you displayed 1382374798 you will not know what time this was. This is why the unix timestamp converter was created, allowing you to convert a unix timestamp to a human readable date in any timezone you want.

Using this tool you can even select a date/time with a timezone and create a unix timestamp. You have options for day, month, year, second, minute and hour, click on the convert to timestamp button to be presented to the timestamp version of the date/time.

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