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WordPress WP_Query Generator Features

The WordPress WP_Query generator allows you to easily create your own custom WordPress queries using the WP_Query object. Using the tool you can go through all the options of the query to get the exact data that you need.

The options you have available to get different data points are:

  • Author
  • Categories
  • Tag
  • Taxonomy
  • Keyword Search
  • Post & pages
  • Password pages
  • Post types
  • Post status
  • Pagination
  • Order by
  • Date
  • Custom meta
  • Permission
  • Mime type

Changing these settings on the form will generate the code you need to create these custom queries on your WordPress site.


The WP_Query Generator comes with a number of presets that you can use straight away as a template for your queries.

  • Get Posts By Author
  • Get Posts By Author Name
  • Get Posts By Category ID
  • Get Posts By Category Name
  • Get Posts In Multiple Categories
  • Get Posts By Tag ID
  • Get Posts By Tag Slug
  • Get Posts In Multiple Tags
  • Get Posts In A Certain Taxonomy
  • Get Posts In Multiple Taxonomies
  • Get Posts By Search Keyword
  • Get Posts By Post ID
  • Get Page By Pagename
  • Get All Top Level Pages
  • Get Posts Which Have Passwords
  • Get Posts With Certain Passwords
  • Get All Post Types
  • Get Both Posts And Pages
  • Get All Post Status
  • Get Future Posts
  • Get Draft Posts
  • Show All Posts
  • Show 5 Posts Per Page
  • Show Page 10 Of Posts
  • Show Oldest Posts First
  • Change Order By Post Title
  • Get Random Post
  • Get Posts After 9
  • Get PNG Images

Save Your Queries

if you use a number of similar queries regularly you are able to save your queries to come back to at a later date.

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