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What's a WSDL Validator?

WSDL stands for Web Service Description Language and documents the methods that are available to be consumed in a web service. A WSDL can be accessed via most browsers simply by typing in the url and adding ?wsdl at the end, here's an example of a weather web service: As you can see the information about the WSDL is shown in XML format.

Why use a WSDL Validator?

A WSDL validator allows you to check that it can be 'consumed' by other applications before you give the url to your end-users. The coveloping WSDL validator will attempt to connect to your service and pull back all the methods that are available.

Debugging and testing SOAP WSDLs

The Coveloping WSDL Validator was designed to allow you to debug and test that your, or a third party WSDL is working correctly. If the URL you provide is considered invalid, the returned error response will be displayed.

How does it work?

Your WSDL url will be run through the PHP SoapClient class to test for responses and any returned errors. For successful requests the methods will be displayed to see what options are available, otherwise an invalid message will be displayed along with any SOAP errors from trying to parse the URL.

Try it out

Within the tool a valid SOAP WSDL URL designed for weather forecasts is provided for you to try out the service and compare it against your own URL and view the expected result.

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