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Introducing the WordPress tool range...

Our WordPress tool range is designed to help you generate common code for WordPress sites. Need to generate a new menu? Check out the menu generator. Need to create a complex WP_Query? A toolbar? A widget? We've got lots of tools to help in this new growing range.

In addition to all the WordPress tools, Coveloping membership also includes full access to our generators, testers, converters and business tools. See what's available in the WordPress range below.

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Menu Generator

The WordPress Menu Generator allows you to easily create the code that will add menus onto your WordPress theme.

Plugin Readme Generator

The plugin readme generator has a simple form which when you fill out all the information about your plugin it will generator in the correct format the plugin readme text where you can simply paste this into your readme.txt file.

Post Status Generator

The post status generator allows you to generate the code to add a new post status, allowing you to create a new WordPress workflow.

Shortcode Generator

The WordPress Shortcode Generator allows you to easily create all the code you need to create a shortcode to use on your WordPress site.

Sidebar Generator

The WordPress Sidebar Generator by Coveloping allows you to easily create the code for your new sidebars for your WordPress site.

Taxonomy Generator

The WordPress Taxonomy Generator allows you to easily enter all the information you need for your own custom taxonomy.

Theme Support Generator

WordPress theme support generator creates the settings of what you want on your theme.

Toolbar Generator

The WordPress Toolbar Generator will create all the code you need to customise the toolbar by removing default links or adding your own links.

WordPress Post Type Generator

The WordPress post type generator will allow you to easily create the code you need to add new post types to your WordPress site.

WP Widget Generator

WordPress widget generator, which allows you to easily create the code you need to generator a WordPress widget.

WP_Query Generator

The WP_Query generator allows you to easily create all the code you need to create custom queries on your WordPress site.

WP-Config Generator

The WordPress WP-Config generator allows you to easily create all the constant variables for your wp-config file to setup your WordPress install.

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